Writing and research

See also Study and writing and Research and methodology

Research theses and dissertations (Main guide)
Part 1. From topic to proposal
Part 2. From fieldwork to submission

Projects as theses or dissertations (Main guide)
The major project
Academic projects
Proyek pelayanan utama | Template proposal
Contoh-contoh 1 | Contoh-contoh 2
Risk in Projects New (See also About Risk)
Program evaluation in academic projects New

Theses and dissertations: Writing
Kinds of theses and projects
Research gaps and finding a topic New
Refining a dissertation topic
Qualitative Research: A Field Manual for Ministry Students
Dissertations in stages
Research planning tick sheet New
Tracking progress in research writing
Dissertation outlines New

Theses and dissertations: Personal
Getting through more quickly
Struggles of doctoral candidates
Time management and dissertations
How Long Does it Take to Write a Dissertation?
How long?
Unrealistic doctoral expectations New

Presentations for proposals and defenses
Dissertation defense

Literature reviews Revised
Check expectations
Annotated bibliographies
Internet searches
Literature review: A set of steps
How to present a literature review
About literature reviews New

The prospectus
Cover sheet (.doc file)
Template (.doc file)
Instructions for a Prospectus

On supervision
Your research supervisor
Thesis and dissertation supervision step-by-step In revision
Good practice in supervising theses and dissertations
Dissertation supervision questions New
Different kinds of research supervisors New
Improving HDR Supervisor Practice
Help, I need advice
Help, I need advice 2
Help, I need advice 3
Help, I need advice 4
Research supervisors