Research and methodology

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On research 1
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The Bridge: Another view of research

Interviews Added section
Conducting Research Interviews
Questions for interviews and focus groups

Crossing cultures
Worldview Studies

Research methods (other)
A simple qualitative method
Metodologi kwalitatif yang sederhana
Classroom research methodology
Metodologi penelitian ruang kelas
Can I use social media to recruit participants?
Toolkit of research methods
Created realities
Deadly mistakes
Eidetic reduction
“Category” and “type”
Are We There Yet? Data Saturation in Qualitative Research Fusch & Ness
Research Methods for Educational Leaders
Doing case studies as research
What do employers look for in a PhD graduate?


Coding data for qualitative analysis

Journal articles
Checklist for research journal articles
Journal submission

Procedures and regulations
Research degrees regulations
Oral dissertation procedure
External examination of theses and dissertations
A comparison of US and Australian PhD programs

Cultural research styles
Historiography: A mini-course
Historical identity assignment
Role of perspective in history