How this library works

Hi! I'm Sarah! I'm your librarian. The library comprises a set of bookshelves.

The books are all electronic books that you can navigate using your browser. To browse the library, please click on the bookshelves you want to go to. When you go into it, use your browser's left arrow to get back to the main menu.

Otherwise, it's much like a regular paper library:

•   There are lots of different books, and they are not collated into one big encyclopedia.
•   Some books are very short and some are much longer.
•   Titles normally represent the actual topic of the book.
•   I divide a bookshelf into two bookshelves when I think it is too full to find things easily. Even so, you might need to browse around to find what will be most useful to you.
•   Some books on similar topics have different information.
•   Different books look different on your screen.
•   Some books are newer, some are older. When I notice that a book is out of date, I usually either get it updated or throw it out.
•   A few books are connected by hyperlinks, like having a reference in one book to another book.
•   In the main menu, the bookshelves are listed in alphabetical order unless otherwise noted.

Some resources (and some individual pages) can be used for online training simply by linking to them.

Hope that helps,