Study and writing

Study skills
Some academic study skills
Reading New
Analysis and evaluation: Developing critical thought
Analisis dan evaluasi: Mengembangkan pemikiran kritis
Cara menulis evaluasi karya tulis

Literature reviews Revised
Check expectations
Annotated bibliographies
Internet searches
Literature review: A set of steps
How to present a literature review

How to give a presentation
The three-minute pitch New
Research seminar guidelines New

A guide to essay writing
Pedoman menulis makalah
Pedoman Praktis Untuk Penulis Paper dan Skripsi New
Writing essays
An entry level course
Editing style and précis
Essay checklist
Daftar kriteria makalah
Plagiarism and collusion
Style guide
An RPL portfolio format
Doctoral writing
Struggles of doctoral candidates
Time management and dissertations

Exercise for analysing writing
Four letters