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Studi Alkitab Induktif
Eksegese dan hermeneutika
Eksegese nats Alkitab tertentu
Structure of the books of Old Testament prophets
Harmony of the Gospels
The sayings of Jesus
Structure of New Testament letters
Book of Revelation
Different kinds of Bible translations
Different kinds of commentaries


Styles of spirituality: Basic religious temperaments
Theology assessments
Theories of homiletics
Academic study of theology
Between Pellagiansim and Hyper-Calvinism
Ministry Action Contacts (MACs)
Ministry Action Contacts (MACs)
Passover (How to hold a Jewish Passover)
Religious studies: A parable
Eschatology | Eskatologi
AIBI Resources
A range of materials for Christian lay training. Free to use and reproduce, as long as it is not for resale or profit, and contains their copyright notice. They are not intended for degree level study, but some might be suitable as introductions. Reformatting could update their appearance.

Streams of Christianity

The family tree of Christianity

Old liberal | Neo-orthodoxy
Catholic | Eastern Orthodox
Lutheran | Reformed | Pentecostal
Wesleyan | Brethren | Baptists | Evangelical
Fundamentalism | Dispensationalism
Messianic Judaism

Youth internship

Young people's ministry and evangelism
Pelayanan kaum muda dan P.I.


Cosmological Influences in the Practices of Divine Healing
A model of on-field training
Contextualization: Part I. Approaches
Contextualization: Part II. A Personal View
Gospel Conceptions
Project Planning for Christian Organizations
Reaching resistant people
Renewal (Church life cycle)
Strategi Missiologia