Library on management

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Overall skills
Group dynamics
Your temperament: DISC
Board membership (See also BoardSource website)
Blackstump College Draft Board policies
Contracts and agreements
Negotiation strategies
Mentoring and coaching strategies
Navigating political environments
Basic business meetings
Encouraging innovative ideas
How do you create fresh thinking?

2. Business planning
Review: A full review of your organization
Business plan (Being revised)
About risk
About strategy
Project planning
Models of operational plans
Change: How to create it
Establishing New Organizations LOTS OF LINKS
Starting a new business from scratch
Organizational mentoring

3. Marketing
Market surveys
Constituency-based marketing

4. Program quality and evaluation
About quality assurance systems
Standard for Organizational Quality (SOQ)
Quality in education: Conceptions
Interpersonal models of program evaluation

5. Human resources
Human capital: A development strategy
Performance management
Professional Development (PD)

6. Finances
Managing finances
Company valuations
How to set share prices
Finding funding Grants for non-profits
Tax deductibility for churches
On reducing staff costs

7. Workplace Health and Safety
WHS introduction
How to establish an WHS system
WHS investigations
Risk management

8. Project management

9. Administration, policy and procedure
Writing policy
Policy and procedure structures
Information management
Writing procedures
System cycles
Inclusiveness (needs re-writing)
Writing reports

10. Extras
Mergers, and how to do them
Government problems

Appendix: Templates
Template: PowerPoint Marketing plan presentation
PowerPoint Business plan presentation
PowerPoint financial performance report
Excel financial template