Health and safety rules

  1. No smoking in buildings.
  2. No alcohol or drugs on property.
  3. Know and observe all OHS rules, including any site-specific rules.
  4. Observe details of emergency response and evacuation plans. They should be on a notice board.
  5. All work at heights must have the permission of the OHS coordinator before you start.
  6. Don't do any work for which you are not qualified, e.g. electrical maintenance.
  7. Keep yourself and others safe (your duty of care).
  8. Take responsibility for your own OHS by not doing anything that may endanger your OHS or that of a fellow employee or voluntary worker.
  9. Do your housekeeping in your work area so that it is always tidy and free from hazards.
  10. Plan your work so that you can work safely.
  11. If you have to lift any items likely to cause injury, get help before going ahead with it.
  12. P-plate (probationary) drivers should not normally convey passengers unless you have:
    • checked that cars are insured, preferably with comprehensive insurance, and
    • checked the driver's license and that it is not suspended.


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