Hazards and Risks

What is an OHS hazard? A hazard is anything that could result in injury or harmed health of a person.

What is a risk? A risk, in relation to any injury or harm, means the probability of that injury or harm occurring.

Hazards usually vary. You must be able to manage your own stress and fatigue levels so that you can always work safely. These risks are across all industries.

Otherwise, hazards vary with industry, kind of work, and particular worksites. For example, some jobs have risks of stress, boredom, clients who could become violent, or even bomb threats. Other jobs use machinery with dangerous moving parts and have risks from heavy lifting. Examples of other common hazards are chemicals, bodily fluids, noise, manual handling, work postures, underfoot hazards and trip hazards.

You should know the common workplace hazards in your industry.

Here are several industry examples: