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The new intro book

Course development
AGILE workshop
Good Frames and Bad
Writing for e-education
Writing and reviewing online courses
Scenarios: how to write them
Assessing units over the Internet
Five stages of interaction
A sequence for distance education
An essay sequence
Simulating personal attention at MOOC scales
Pitfalls of online training
Online course development: An idea paper
Pull and Push technologies
Using The CAF model to design effective e-learning interactions
Kinds of delivery and their characteristics New
“Pre-grading” papers New
How can you grade lots of papers quickly? New
English online New
Massification strategy New

Short articles
File sizes
Does online learning and video really increase liability?
Face to face education and e-learning
An analytics system
Using Big Data

Creating video training content
How Video Production Affects Student Engagement: An Empirical Study of MOOC Videos

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email E-seminars: an approach
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Historical value
The future of e-education
The Perfect Software LMS
A programming idea LMS
E! (An e-college idea) Predecessor to MOOCs
Publishing e-zines Predecessor to blogs