Our vision and purpose

Our vision is to “to equip emerging leaders to compete as professionals within a Christian ethos.”

In fact, being international and intercultural is essential to our approach. When students adopt a more global view, they have the opportunity to make a wider network of friends and develop their own professional networks across the globe.

It makes sense that the first of these programs is a graduate program in international education, offered in Indonesia to an existing network of educators.

Worldwide University is incorporated in Arizona USA, but is active internationally, with key people in the U.S., Australia, and Asia. Due to its geographical reach, WU is primarily on-line, and is administered through an international virtual office. However, it also offers some blended delivery, that is, online interaction combined with face-to-face instruction.

Our purpose is to conduct studies, teaching, training and research in Christian theology and fields of Christian ministry. These include:
  • theology and pastoral ministry,
  • Christian schooling, education, and higher education, and
  • Community and benevolent ministries.

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