About portfolios

Portfolios sometimes need some special attention:

  1. Include an instruction to verify directly any evidence that could be falsified. A telephone call or email is usually adequate. It is good practice to make a note of your verification on the document (e.g. "Confirmed by telephone call to John Brown, Manager, XYZ Pty Ltd., 20 June, 2010" and initial it.)
  2. Do not give the student the impression that simply doing the tasks is satisfactory. The student might have done the job unsatisfactorily. In fact, some evidence might clearly show that they have been unsatisfactory.
  3. Consciously address each element. A portfolio seldom does this without careful planning. It can be particularly difficult in assessing Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) portfolios using pre-existing documents as evidence. It's easier to address each element by deliberately seeking evidence that fits the elements. For example, you can ask an employer to evaluate an employee based on a list of elements and criteria.