How to do this course

This is a simple click-through course. It is required under the WA OSH Act for ACAS staff, and is required in many ACAS courses. It is not intended to abrogate or replace the OHS policies of a particular site or your particular organization.

As you click thought the course, you'll need to:

  1. Meet other staff members and any voluntary workers.
  2. Find the property plan showing name and location of staff where appropriate.
  3. Find toilets and other facilities.
  4. Find a copy of your site's Emergency Response Plan and other site-specific OHS documentation.
  5. Find fire fighting equipment.
  6. Find a copy of site-specific OHS documentation.
  7. Find details of first aid facilities and equipment (e.g. first aid kit).
  8. Get someone to explain how to use the Hazard and Incident Report forms.
  9. Ask your supervisor questions on OHS matters.

If you are a student, you may be assessed by:

  • identifying all necessary items,
  • knowing what they do and how they work, and
  • filling in all forms relevant to your unit.

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