First Aid Guidance

First Aid is the emergency care of injured or sick persons. It aims to:

  • preserve life,
  • promote recovery, and
  • prevent the injury or illness becoming worse.

Guidance notes are available in most States from Workcover Authorities. They enable you to assess your first aid needs depending on the size of the workforce and risk of injury.

First Aid Kits

First Aid requirements vary from state to state. An example of what may be required follows.

"In broad terms where there are more than 25 and less than 50 employees the requirement is to have a 'Basic First Aid Kit'. Workplaces with more than 50 employees require an 'Occupational First Aid Kit'.

Kits must be properly maintained and be in the care of a responsible person. A record should be kept of any treatment given. The name of your trained first aider, and perhaps even a photograph, should be displayed on the front of the cabinet.

Analgesics should not form part of your first aid kit. They may be kept by a responsible person and made available provided the use is noted and explained.

Other Issues

Workcover notes give guidance for workplaces about providing First Aid rooms and facilities, training and other useful information. The requirements can vary according to the number of employees on the site and kind of work activities. Supervisors may determine any other procedures to comply with local legislation.

In a legal case of ineffective first aid, the law in Australia generally supports trained first aiders who act according to their training and recent best practice updates. In some states, it is possible to simply have a site-specific policy to call an ambulance.

Otherwise, it is recommended that:

  • there is at least one Basic First Aid Kit
  • each site have a trained First Aider available on work days


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