Emergency response plan

You should have an emergency response plan so that you can evacuate the building quickly and safely if there's an emergency.

Copies of the plan should be displayed on notice boards.


Check that the emergency escape plan includes the following:

  • A simple diagram of the building with location of:
    • firefighting equipment
    • ways out from each location within the building
    • where to assemble once clear of the buildings.
  • whom to report to once clear of the building;
  • advice not to waste time collecting or going back for valuables;
  • how to recognize a fire warning signal.

It might also include:

  • Designate duties to individuals for tasks such as checking corridors, using extinguishers, closing doors.
  • Names and location of emergency wardens.
  • Telephone number of fire station, police and ambulance.
  • Encourage people to remain calm and orderly.
  • Designate persons to search all areas once during evacuation.

All new employees and volunteers should be given or shown a copy as part of their induction.

The plan needs to be reviewed annually or when there are any alterations to the buildings or the use of the buildings.