For many performance events, you will need to administer operations for a venue and its staff. To do this, you will need to record details accurately, communicate constructively with many people, pay attention to detail, and keep on top of the paperwork.

It will probably also be your job to handle staff rosters and perhaps be site manager, responsible for cleaning, security, breakages, and equipment hire.

  1. You will need to establish a recording process so that essential information is written down centrally and is available to anyone who needs it. How complex it will be will depend on how complex your needs are.
  2. Decide on a communication process that will work for your organization.
    1. To do so, you will need to find out who needs to know what.
    2. How will you inform people: noticeboard, email, website, telephone call, paper letter, etc.?
    3. You also need to be able to prevent glitches. For example, if a musician's manager makes a booking, will the musician him/herself also be informed? Who is likely to "forget" or be late? Who doesn't check their email? How will you know if email doesn't arrive?
    4. What timeframes will you require for bookings and confirmations?
  3. Decide on a communication process for when things go wrong (i.e. contingencies).
  4. Find out who you are supposed to confirm things with. You should have a procedure in place.
  5. Will you need special scheduling software and templates for hard-copy forms?
  6. Consider how you will roster staff, and what meal times they will have.
  7. If you are responsible for managing the site, you will also need house rules that cover other items such as any specific OHS requirements:
    • security rules (who else may be admitted, and under what conditions, use of keys, etc.)
    • licensing (e.g. electricians, scaffolders, etc.)




Confirm all booking details

When you confirm a booking, write it in your booking schedule. It will need to fit the venue schedule and also with your staff rosters. Booking confirmations may be written or verbal, but your records must be written.

You will need to confirm:

In some cases, it isn't so simple. You must confirm and record relevant contract or other business details of the booking confirmation. For example:

Your record of contract or other business details of the booking confirmation may involve:

Then make sure everybody knows who needs to know. Some people will need the written confirmation sheet, including the venue site manager.




Produce a worksheet

The point of venue worksheets is to inform performers, crew members or front of house staff exactly what is going on, when, and where. Each worksheet should have:

Then distribute the worksheets and respond to queries and requests regarding schedules. If you have difficulties responding to particular queries or requests, refer them to your supervisor.