About applications

Worldwide University only accepts applications through its local coordinators.

Due to the corona virus pandemic, applications are currently subject to shorter agreements and regional scholarships are adjusted accordingly.


Worldwide University Application Agreement

Student obligations

  1. Students are obliged to:
    1. comply with the terms of this agreement.
    2. comply with the Worldwide University rules as published on the website and in the catalog.
    3. follow instructions published in unit guides.
    4. comply with any governmental laws pertaining to their studies and any practicum.
  2. Students agree that the services offered are fair value for the fees listed.


  1. The application fee is due with the application.
  2. Fees other than the registration fee are due at the beginning of the semester for the units taken in that semester.
  3. Fees are payable in US dollars, unless otherwise stated.
  4. Fees are calculated on a per semester hour basis and billed on a per-unit basis.
  5. Students, or third parties who have contracted to pay their fees, are obliged to pay all fees when they fall due.
  6. The fees listed on the schedule at the time of application:
    1. are not changed during the student's period of continuous enrollment provided the student makes satisfactory academic progress.
    2. presume that students will pass every unit on first attempt. Students who do not pass a unit on first attempt must repeat the unit and pay the fees for that unit again. The fee remains the same for the period of the enrollment agreement.
  7. Worldwide University does not provide student loans.
  8. Worldwide University does not participate in federal and state financial aid programs.
  9. The fees for a semester are the total tuition fees for the units for which the students has enrolled, plus any other miscellaneous fees payable.
  10. If this agreement expires for any reason whatsoever and the student re-enrolls, the new agreement will reflect the fees in effect when it is signed.
  11. Worldwide University attempts to provide all required textbooks in electronic form. However, students might still need to purchase other textbooks separately, and their cost is not included in the tuition fees.
  12. Attendance at graduation is voluntary. Worldwide University may charge a separate fee for those who attend. This will vary according to regional costs.
  13. Fees include admission, assessment of U.S. transcripts for transfer credit, tuition, copies of all required course materials, assessment, proctoring, participation in student conferences, submission of theses and dissertations, and graduation testamur.
  14. Fees do not include:
    1. evaluation fees of foreign transcripts and degrees.
    2. other possible student expenditures (e.g. costs relating to a computer, supplementary materials that are not course requirements, other textbooks, costs relating to conducting field research, graduation attendance fees, binding of theses and dissertations, and travel and accommodation costs of student conferences).

Overdue payments

  1. Students are automatically suspended if they have overdue payments. They risk losing their scholarships and failing any units for which they miss assessment deadlines due to suspension.
  2. Students whose payments are overdue should contact WU as soon as possible explaining their circumstances. Students in extenuating circumstances may request a delay by applying in writing. WU reserves the right to expel students whose payments are overdue for more than two months.
  3. Worldwide University reserves the right to refuse a student’s enrollment for a new semester if he/she already has unpaid fees.
  4. No qualification or transcript will be issued until WU has received full payment.


  1. A student’s notification of cancellation may be conveyed to the University in any manner.
  2. Students who elect to cancel within five calendar days of submitting the application form will receive a refund of all money paid, regardless if any lessons have been submitted.
  3. Costs of normal shipping and handling materials are not subject to refund (after the expiration of the five day cooling-off period).
  4. Upon cancellation, a student whose tuition is paid in full is entitled to receive all hardcopy materials already provided.
  5. The University will refund any funds due to the student within 30 days of a cancellation request, regardless if materials have been returned.
  6. In case of a student illness or accident, death in family and other circumstances beyond the control of the student, the University will give special consideration to the student’s request for cancellation beyond the minimum refund amount.
  7. The registration fee applies only once at the application for the degree program and is non-refundable if the student cancels after five days. The remainder of the fee is subject to a refund according to the policy below.


  1. Refunds are given where:
    1. The program is cancelled (full refund given, including application fee), or
    2. Application for enrollment is refused (full refund given, excepting non-refundable application fee).
  2. Refunds are based on individual units, not the degree program as a whole. A student may withdraw from a unit and receive a refund for it, but could still continue with other units.
  3. The refund schedule is based on the time length of the unit or units from which the student is withdrawing:
    1. The first quarter of the way through the unit: a full refund is given of the tuition fee for the unit, less the internal list price of any textbooks/workbook provided unless it is returned in as-new condition.
    2. In the second quarter of the unit: half of the fee is refunded.
    3. Beyond halfway through the unit, no refund is available.
      For example, if there are 20 weeks in the unit, a student will receive a full refund if they withdraw in the first 5 weeks; if they withdraw between weeks 6 and 10 they will be refunded half the fee; and after that no refund is given.


  1. Students may lodge complaints by using the form on the Worldwide University website according to the instructions on the form.

Length of agreement

  1. This agreement will last no more than three years for fulltime study and not less than one year.
  2. Part-time time students who do not complete within three years must request an extension if they wish to remain enrolled.